LabManager & LabAdviser

What is the difference between LabManager and LabAdviser?

LabManager is our laboratory information management system (LIMS) it is used for keeping track of tools, bookings, manuals, people competencies etc. It is a system designed to support the day to day operation of the tools, facility and the people working in the labs.

LabAdviser on the other hand is a Wiki based knowledge retention system, where processes, process flows and guides are stored. LabAdviser is most often used when planning process flows or when there is a need to understand matters a bit deeper. Users are encouraged to contribute to LabAdviser by submitting data and information to

What should I do in order to get access to LabManager?

LabManager access is usually only needed for persons actually working at the Nanolab Facilities and you will get access as part of the introduction program.

16 DECEMBER 2019