FEI Quanta 200 ESEM FEG

The FEI Quanta 200 ESEM FEG is a scanning electron microscope fitted with a field emission gun electron source to provide high imaging resolution and therefore used when information is required at the nano-meter scale. The microscope can operate in several modes depending on the nature of the sample. In combination with the analytical capabilities and other specialized attachments, the microscope is a highly versatile instrument.


Electron source
Field emission gun
Accelerating voltage
500 V- 30 kV
2 nm at 30 kV (SE)
Imaging detectors
Everhart-Thornley (SE/BSE), Solid State BSE, Large Field, Gaseous SE, Gaseous BSE, Gaseous Analytical and CCD Camera
Imaging modes
High, low vacuum and environmental
Analytical capabilities
Energy dispersive X-rays (Oxford Instruments 80 mm2 X-Max silicon drift detector, MnKα resolution at 124 eV)
Quorum PP2000 Cryo System, FEI Peltier stage (-10°C to 22°C).