Foto Bax Lindhardt
12 JAN

Two ERC Starting Grants for young researchers

Two young DTU researchers have each won an ERC Starting Grant for independent basic research of EUR 1.5 million or just over DKK 11 million.

Enzymer og proteiner Solenergi Materialer Organisk kemi
Foto Bax Lindhardt
12 JAN

To ERC Starting Grants til unge forskere

To unge DTU-forskere har hver vundet et ERC Starting Grant på 1,5 millioner euro eller godt 11 millioner kroner til grundforskningsprojekter.

Enzymer og proteiner Solenergi Organisk kemi Materialer
15 DEC

Editorial podcast – Merry Christmas from DTU Nanolab

In this episode of Digest News, Director Jörg Hübner reflects on the year that has past at DTU Nanolab. From our flagship course and new equipment to building projects...

Professor Jesper Mørk, leder af NanoPhoton, DTU's grundforskningscenter. Foto: Mikael Schlosser
04 NOV

DTU’s basic research centre for nanophotonics inaugurated

The Danish National Research Foundation boosts research into light and semiconductor nanostructures, which will lead to efficient computer and quantum technology.

Fysik Lasere Mikro- og nanoteknologi Optik
Professor Jesper Mørk, leder af NanoPhoton, DTU's grundforskningscenter. Foto: Mikael Schlosser
04 NOV

DTU’s grundforskningscenter for nanofotonik indviet

Grundforskningsfonden styrker forskning i lys og halvleder-nanostrukturer, som skal føre til effektiv computer- og kvanteteknologi.

Fysik Lasere Mikro- og nanoteknologi Optik
01 OKT

Article in Danish in Weekendavisen: ”Den største og mindste bedrift”

Jörg Hübner, Director at DTU Nanolab, has written an article in Weekendavisens section “Ideer”.

First FFU put in place
28 SEP

DTU Nanolab changes 291 fan filter units

In order to save energy, renew and optimize, DTU Nanolab now changes the 291 fan filter units (FFU) in the cleanroom

27 SEP

Den største og mindste bedrift

DTU Nanolab's direktør Jörg Hübner er i denne uges udgave af Weekendavisen

Jörg Hübner
27 SEP

Editorial podcast with Director at DTU Nanolab Jörg Hübner

Jörg will guide you through the challenges that arise when hardware is not prioritized on an equal footing with software in relation to digitization and what we can actually...

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