Oral drug delivery

The Biomaterial Microsystems group is actively involved in the "The Danish National Research Foundation and Villum Foundation’s Center for Intelligent Drug delivery and sensing Using microcontainers and Nanomechanics - IDUN". In IDUN drug, the research focus is on the development of microcontainers for oral drug delivery.


Oral drug delivery review: Drawbacks, limitations

Microcontainer advantages, overall goal of IDUN drug

HIV, peptic ulcers, insulin, ... (check webpage).

Line's experiments (in vivo trials, first results): Poorly soluble drugs (Furosemide)

Device level: What are the components, overall design, materials, methods

Application level: How is it used, disease/case



  1. L. Amato, A. Heiskanen, C. Caviglia, F. Shah, K. Zór, M. Skolimowski, M. Madou, E.G. Seiz, M. Ramos, T.R. Moreno, A. Martinez-Serrano, S.S. Keller, J. Emnéus Pyrolysed 3D-carbon scaffolds induce spontaneous differentiation of human neural stem cells and facilitate real-time dopamine detection, Adv. Funct. Mat. 24 (2014) 7042-7052


Prof. Jenny Emnéus, Bioanalytics group, DTU Nanotech



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