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Dear users,

DTU Nanolab’s common research infrastructure is open.
Please keep yourself up to date by following the latest guidelines on and on this page.

Jörg Hübner


Close contact

Keep updated on SST (the Danish Healths Authorities) on how to proceed as close contact.

Corona passport after testing positive for Covid-19

To stay at DTU, you must have a valid corona passport. Your corona passport will be invalid for 14 days after testing positive for Covid-19.

If you do not have symptoms in relation to testing positive, you can leave isolation after 7 days. You can leave isolation after being symptom-free for 48 hours if you have had symptoms. You can also leave isolation if you have been ill for 10 days, and have been fever-free for 48 hours without the use of antipyretic medication and you feel better and have only mild residual symptoms.

To gain access to DTU in the period from leaving isolation until the 14 days have passed, you can fill in this declaration and have it signed by your manager. You can then present this document in a spot check for a corona passport at DTU


If you have questions you are welcome to contact Majken Becker