DTU Danchip

Cleanroom History


Back in 1993, the foundation for what is now DTU Danchip was laid, with the inauguration of a 560 m2 cleanroom facility. This facility was an integral part of the research vision at the ‘Mikroelektronik Centret’, now DTU Nanotech - Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology. 

The aim of the cleanroom facility was to be a central point for processing of microtechology at DTU in close collaboration with the Danish Industry, a mission that was as relevant then as it is today. 

In 2002, DTU initiated an expansion of the cleanroom facilities to the current 1350 m2 with an investment of more than 100 million Danish kroner. An emerging microtechnology industry and a growing number of cleanroom users from DTU Nanotech and DTU Fotonik prompted a demand for more capacity and advanced equipment allowing to voyage deeper into the scope of nanotechnology. At the completion of the expansion in 2004, DTU Danchip was created with the main focus on operation and development of the cleanroom facilities.