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Nanolab Contact Info

In order to get the quickest response to training requests, process approvals, questions etc. please use the following mailboxes to Nanolab. It is our goal to answer your request regarding process flow reviews and training within 2 workdays.

Please notice that many of the links below requires access to LabAdviser - if you do not have access use the following link: LabAdviser

Who to contact? Mail     
Process flow review process-flow@nanolab.dtu.dk More about process flow review here
Training on equipment and processes training@nanolab.dtu.dk  
Mask order and design review                              Mask order only mask@nanolab.dtu.dk Requires a specs file like this: (example spec file)
Order only (DeltaMask): Note! Mask will be ordered from DeltaMask. Nothing will be checked in this case. Neither mask design nor specs file. Minimal feature 1.5µm. Review and Order mask@nanolab.dtu.dk   
More about mask design here      Subject: Mask Review
Metal wishes Lesker metal@nanolab.dtu.dk Subject: Lesker Metal Wishes
Alcatel  metal@nanolab.dtu.dk Subject: Alcatel Metal Wishes
E-beam request e-beam@nanolab.dtu.dk
Tool change on Polymer Injection Molding machine toolchange@nanolab.dtu.dk  
Commercial offers etc. (mostly companies and external customers)  sales@nanolab.dtu.dk  
Gas-related questions/issues (information regarding ordering, delivery, changing etc. Mostly for internal Nanolab use). MechanicalWorkshop@danchip.dtu.dk  
Chemicals  All chemicals must be approved and marked with Danish labels.

Contact Majken Becker for approval/labels.

 mbec@dtu.dk / phone: 45 25 58 11


All other inquiries or if you are in doubt danchipsupport@nanolab.dtu.dk