DTU Danchip

User benefits


DTU Nanolab has built a platform which is able to shape a wide range of materials with structures down below 20 nanometers.

Our Customers Benefits
As a user, your advantages include:

  • Fast track from idea to end product or prototype due to widespread sharing of knowledge and process data among DTU Nanolab's users
  • Low financial entry barrier as no investments in expensive equipment are necessary
  • Access to frontline research through world recognized experts at DTU Nanotech
  • Service and consulting by world class experts and technicians
  • Access to a worldwide network of cleanroom facilities and experts
  • Professionally driven cleanroom environment with a ISO certification since 2009
  • Strategic partnership with the Danish Technology Institute and DTU Scion
  • Easy access to and recruiting possibilities of engineers and Ph.D.s educated at DTU with hands on training in micro- and nanotechnology
  • A network of micro- and nanotechnology professionals