Cleanroom Courses


Introduction course
Consists of a theoretical and practical training. All new cleanroom users must obtain DTU Nanolab’s introduction course certificate before access to the cleanroom is granted. (read more...)

Safety recap at Nanolab
At DTU Nanolab we are proud to keep a high level of safety. 
All users of the Cleanroom is required to take our Introduction and Safety course before they get access. If you are a regular user, it might have been a long time ago, you passed the access test and many things may have changed in the Cleanroom. 
We therefore have a yearly Safety Refresh Test. You will receive a mail from Nanolab when it is time for a safety recap. (read more...)


The Lithography Tool Package Training (TPT)
The Lithography Tool Package Training (TPT) at DTU Nanolab consists of a video lecture on UV lithography and a "questions and exercises" session, followed by a practical training session inside the cleanroom covering a full photo-lithographic process. The Lithography TPT is a must for cleanroom users who plan to do lithography at DTU Nanolab, and is a prerequisite for training on all other lithography equipment (read more...)

The dry etch tool package training (TPT)
at DTU Nanolab consists of a theoretical part and a practical training session in the cleanroom. The theoretical part explains the dry etch processes (generation and characteristics of the etch plasma), introduces tuning an etch process and provides an overview of the dry etch equipment at Nanolab. According to the learning objectives for the full course the participant should afterwards be able to (read more...)

The Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
The Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) tool package training at DTU Nanolab consists of a lecture and a hands-on training session. The lecture will provide an introduction to SEM principles (read more...)