The SEM Tool Package Training (TPT)

The Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) tool package training at DTU Nanolab consists of a lecture and a hands-on training session. The lecture will provide an introduction to SEM principles, electron optics, theories of image formation and an overview of the SEMs at Nanolab. It takes approximately 3 hours, and is held once a month.

Afterwards there will be a hands-on training session that is divided into 2 sessions: the first session will have a maximum of 3 participants and it will take 2 hours of hands-on training on the SEM Supra 1 using training samples provided by the instructors. In the second session, each participant will have a one-on-one hands-on session which will request the participant to pass a “driving test” on the SEM. In this session, the participant will have the opportunity to study their own sample(s).


According to the learning objectives for the full course the participant should afterwards be able to:

  • Prepare samples and safely operate SEM
  • Understand possibilities and limitations of SEM
  • Explain SEM electron optics and detectors
  • Optimize and analyse SEM images




Before the lecture, the participants must read “Scanning Electron Microscopy Primer” by Bob Hafner. Before the training session, participants should watch the training videos and read the user manual for the SEM Supra 1.


Full information on the SEM TPT is available in LabAdviser along with links to training videos, the instrument manual and the lecture slides.


The price for the course is 2 x Nanolab support hours.

See the price per hour in the pricebook

An invoice will automatically be sent to your department / company.

How to get full authorization to the SEM

To be fully authorized to use the SEM Supra 1, you will have to pass the “driving test” on the SEM. After 10 hours of independent SEM Supra 1 usage, you can request additional trainings for SEM’s in cleanroom and an EDX analyzer


To sign up for the SEM TPT, please write to the SEM group at

Dates & registration


Clik on the link in order to register and get an overview of the coming courses:

26 FEBRUARY 2020