From student to researcher

The PhD programme at DTU is a three-year educational programme during which you receive grant-funded pay. It is a process of learning to perform research under guidance, with the objective of training you to conduct research according to international standards, contribute to research collaborations and prepare research results within the international research community.

A PhD programme consists of:

  • an independent research project.
  • a study programme totalling 30 ECTS credit points.
  • teaching and communication activities corresponding to roughly three months of work.
  • study/research at another institution in Denmark or abroad.
  • a doctoral thesis.
  • a public defence of the thesis.

PhD Courses

Course no.      Title Points (ECTS) Timetable group
41690 Electron Microscopy and Analysis for Materials Research 5 E1B
47512 CenErgy 2019: Advanced transmission and scanning electron microscopy in materials science - PhD summer school 5 August


Nina Høgh-Bach
PhD & project coordinator
DTU Nanolab
+45 45 25 57 19
24 MARCH 2019