01 OCT

Article in Danish in Weekendavisen: ”Den største og mindste bedrift”

Jörg Hübner, Director at DTU Nanolab, has written an article in Weekendavisens section “Ideer”.

First FFU put in place
28 SEP

DTU Nanolab changes 291 fan filter units

In order to save energy, renew and optimize, DTU Nanolab now changes the 291 fan filter units (FFU) in the cleanroom

Jörg Hübner
27 SEP

Editorial podcast with Director at DTU Nanolab Jörg Hübner

Jörg will guide you through the challenges that arise when hardware is not prioritized on an equal footing with software in relation to digitization and what we can...

Joachim Rode
21 SEP

He Focuses on a Small Cell of Great Importance

Søren Bredmose Simonsen took a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy before immersing himself in physics studies. This led him to work with catalysis, and he is...

Micro and nanotechnology
Spin Coater YouTube Video
20 SEP

10.000 views of a DTU Nanolab instruction video on YouTube!

Post on LinkedIn by our Deputy Director Anders Michael Jørgensen

16 SEP

Get a look inside DTU Nanolab’s Cleanroom

The cleanroom at DTU Nanolab is a unique Facility for production of products in nanoscale.

Dorte Danielsen and Lene Gammelgaard in the lab. Photo: DTU Physics.
13 SEP

Quantum materials cut closer than ever

A new method designs nanomaterials with less than 10-nanometer precision. It could pave the way for faster, more energy-efficient electronics.  

Micro and nanotechnology Materials Semiconductors Physics Electronics
24 AUG

Podcast in Radio4: 4 Toget - august 24th

Listen to Jörg Hübner, who explains the shortage of Microchips. The podcast is in Danish.  

Cleanroom information
27 MAY

Cleanroom information

As part of the project of securing building 346 against smaller power cuts, we are forced to shut off the electric power to the entire building 346 in order to allow work...

28 APR

Inspired by lotus flower petals

Professor Rafael Taboryski from DTU Nanolab is inspired by the microstructures of nature, including the surface of the lotus flower’s petals. He has now been awarded...

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