Cleanroom information
27 MAY

Cleanroom information

As part of the project of securing building 346 against smaller power cuts, we are forced to shut off the electric power to the entire building 346 in order to allow work...

28 APR

Inspired by lotus flower petals

Professor Rafael Taboryski from DTU Nanolab is inspired by the microstructures of nature, including the surface of the lotus flower’s petals. He has now been awarded...

Foto: Bax Lindhardt
26 APR

Live stream of Commemoration Day from DTU Library

DTU’s 2021 Commemoration Day was streamed live from DTU Lyngby Campus while the audience shared the event on social media. The event ended with a concert by Infernal...

Analysis Workflow
20 APR

Are the Ultra Fine particles in air toxic?

New use of a method for characterization of particle pollution - developed at DTU Nanolab - has led to an improved and more precise analysis of aerosols in indoor work...

19 APR

Close collaboration creates success

NIL Technology has developed technologies on DTU Nanolab for 15 years. Now they have secured funding for 200 mil. DKK and faces an international break through

Art and Science - Cheese
16 APR

Art and Science - Cheese

Is a piece of video art created by Véný Skúladóttir. It explores the interplay between the real-life easily identified macro world we live in...

Rafael Taboryski
14 APR

Doctor defense

Rafael Taboryski’s dissertation is concerned with wetting of solid surfaces and is inspired by surfaces encountered in nature, such as the self-cleaning leafs of...

14 APR

New website @ Nanolab

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website! Our main goal in launching this new website is to provide our users, collaborators, staff and others with...

Helios 5 Hydra DualBeam
25 FEB

Improved sample preparation with Helios Hydra Plasma FIB

DTU Nanolab offers automated process, low-contamination samples and wider range applications

Molecule structure golden icon - from:
02 FEB

Researchers at DTU manipulate gold nanoparticles

An ongoing project shows the vast potential and impact on the understanding of nanoscale dynamics in catalysis and related research fields under real life conditions when...

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