Silicon MEMS Technology

After the invention of new first devices based on MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) in the early 80’s, which lead  successful applications in the automotive and consumer electronics, now the turns comes to the silicon MEMS microphone. The expected market of one billion of mobile phones for 2009 settles new requirements in terms of reduced dimensions, production costs and power consumption.

The figure below shows a sketch of a silicon condenser microphone. A DC applied voltage is applied between the transducer membrane and one parallel electrode (backplate). When sound acoustic waves reach the membrane (across an acoustically-transparent backplate), it deflects and the change in capacitance produced is detected by measuring the change of voltage.  

The current research activities are being carried out with SONION MEMS and are focused on reducing the dimensions of the device improving the performance and capabilities of such a device.




Jordi Teva

Mads Bolberg  Ole Hansen 







Student projects

Due to our very intensive research we are always looking for talented students that want to join our activities.



DTU Nanotech, DANCHIP, SONION MEMS A/S, and The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation
16 DECEMBER 2019