Emergency response unit

Ensuring the safety of cleanroom users and employees is rooted deeply into all of DTU Nanolab's operations. The purpose of the emergency response unit is to handle alarm situations and assist the fire department during emergencies.

The team, consisting of 9 persons, have thorough training on DTU Nanolab emergency surveillance systems and fully understand the operation of the gas safety system. They know how to handle major and minor spills and/or leaks. 

Their responsibility extends to the following tasks during an emergency:

  • Provide guidance during emergency such as assisting the fire department, assist with the evacuation, provide intermittent status report, assist with root cause analysis of emergency, and guide re-entry activities
  • Conduct post emergency evaluation
  • Disseminate relevant information

Your comments or questions concerning emergency procedures can be directed to anyone of the members of this unit.

Members of the emergency response unit are: 

Name Title E-mail
Majken Becker Majken BeckerLaboratory Technician mbec@dtu.dk
Jan Vasland Eriksen Jan Vasland EriksenFacility Managerjver@dtu.dk
Conny  Hjort Conny HjortLaboratory technicianchou@dtu.dk
Flemming Jensen Flemming JensenHead of Process Engineering, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.flje@dtu.dk
Leif Steen Johansen Leif Steen JohansenHead of Operations, Ph.D.lesjo@dtu.dk
Claus Højgård Nielsen Claus Højgård NielsenProcess Specialist, M.Sc.choi@dtu.dk
Søren M. B. Petersen Søren M. B. PetersenEngineer Assistant smbp@dtu.dk
Valeriu Popescu Valeriu PopescuEngineering Assistantvapo@dtu.dk
Peter Windmann Peter WindmannService Coordinatorpewin@dtu.dk
26 FEBRUARY 2020