Jörg Hübner, PhD
Started at DTU Danchip in 2009. He completed a comprehensive executive management education program at Harvard Business School in Boston, USA in 2008. His previously held positions as Deputy Director at DTU Nanotech, Senior Engineering Manager at Sparkolor Corp. (Silicon Valley, USA) and Assoc. Professor at DTU.


Deputy Director & Head of User Support
Anders Jørgensen, PhD
Joined DTU Danchip in 2009 after two years as Development Director of photovoltaic startup company SunSil A/S. He has completed 'PLUSS Personal Leadership' management development process and previously held positions as Development Engineer at Solar Photo Aps, and Assistant Professor at DTU Nanotech.

/english/-/media/Andre_Universitetsenheder/Nanolab/DTU-Danchip/DTU-Danchip-Staff/flemming_jensen_jpg.ashx Head of Process Engineering
Flemming Jensen, PhD, Assoc. Prof.
Assumed his current position in 2004 and has been involved with cleanroom process fabrication since 1992. He previously held positions as Head of Customer Support at DTU Danchip and Process Specialist Team Leader at MIC.
Leif Johansen

Head of operations
Leif Johansen, PhD
Leif started at DTU Danchip in 2011 after having worked six years as a development engineer at Sonion MEMS A/ S (from 2009 carried on under EPCOS AG). Previously Leif worked with planar optical waveguides at NKT Integration A/S. Leif has originally made both his master and Ph.D. degree working in DTU Danchips’ cleanroom and also worked subsequently as a process specialist here.

Jakob Birkedal Wagner

Head of Characterization
Jakob B. Wagner, PhD, Prof.
Joined DTU in 2007 as Associate Professor at the electron microscopy facility at DTU Cen. Jakobs research focusses on the application of high-end electron microscopy in general and in situ electron microscopy in particular since his PhD study for which he received the PhD degree in 2002 at University of Copenhagen / Haldor Topsøe A/S. In 2013, Jakob became Professor and head of the electron microscopy facility at DTU Cen, now DTU Nanolab.
26 FEBRUARY 2020