Strategic Partners


To explore the possibilities within micro- and nanotechnology for your company – or to complement your present product portfolio – the first initial steps can be to engage in a direct collaboration/partnership with us.

We work closely together with world class experts at for instance DTU Fotonik, DTU Bioengineering, DTU Health, DTU Energy and other DTU departments and also our external partners below. We will happily arrange "matchmaking" to set up research and development projects.

This will not only accelerate product development but may also lead to long term relations for ongoing collaborations. DTU Nanolab continues to build a strong network of partners, both nationally and internationally.

The Danish Technology Institute (DTI) is a key technological solution provider for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) within aspects of micro- and nanofabrication, surface engineering and sensor technology. The strategic partnership between DTU Nanolab and DTI allows for transfer of new knowledge created together with DTU Nanolab’s academic partners to the wide network of DTI’s industrial partners.  


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DTU Science Park is Denmark’s largest university-based science park. Whereas many just talk of the essential alliance between universities and the business community, DTU Science Park’s integration of research and business life has long been established. Joined by 12 kilometres of highway, DTU Science Parks’s facilities are situated in Hørsholm and Lyngby just north of Copenhagen.

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Nano DTU is an interdisciplinary center that brings together research in nanotechnology at DTU. The aim of Nano DTU is to create synergy between the many research groups at DTU within the area. In addition, the center promote technology transfer and cooperation with nanotechnological companies in Denmark.