The Lithography Tool Package Training (TPT)

The Lithography TPT at DTU Nanolab consists of a theoretical part, and a practical part inside the cleanroom.

The theoretical part
The theoretical part covers the hardware, theory, physics, chemistry, steps, and process parameters involved in UV lithography. It consists of a video lecture (approximately 3 hours long), and a one hour "questions and exercises" session held twice a month.

The practical part
The practical part is a training session that covers spin coating, UV exposure and alignment, development, and optical microscope inspection. The session is 3-4 hours long, and is available twice a month for up to four people in teams of two. Participants are offered the chance to be fully authorized on up to three pieces equipment central to UV lithography processing.

Introduction course including chemical handling. The theoretical part can be done without access to the cleanroom.

Before the Q&E session, participants should read a chapter on optical lithography (Sami Franssila "Introduction to Microfabrication" (2010), Chapter 9), and watch the lecture videos. Before the training session, participants should watch the training videos and read the manuals for the equipment, and study the process flows.

Full information on the Lithography TPT is available in LabAdviser (link: along with literature, lecture videos, training videos, and process flows, as well as the lecture slides.

The price for the course is 2 x Nanolab support hours.

See the price per hour in the pricebook

An invoice will automatically be sent to your department / company.

Sign up
To sign up for the Lithography TPT, please use the doodles: 

Lithography TPT Q&E session

Lithography TPT training session 

Any questions can be directed to the lithography group


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