Foto: Bax Lindhardt
09 SEP

DTU ranked number two in research world ranking

In the new World University Research Rankings 2020 which focuses on three core areas of university research, DTU ranks second in the world and number one in Europe.

24 JUN

New and better technology

In order to provide better service, better processes and better results DTU Nanolab has invested in state of the art infrastructure. Latest investments are the Multi-chamber...

Boxes with protective equipment
22 JUN

Contributes with protective equipment

At the time when Danish healthcare was in an acute shortage of protective equipment against Covid-19, DTU Nanolab saw it as an obvious act to contribute.

teachers in nanolitho
17 JUN

Nanoscale etching of portraits

Having the right setting, facilities, and lecturers creates opportunities for innovative engineering students—for example for the development of new algorithms for...

The eight ‘Villum International Postdoc’ grant recipients. Photo: Villum Fonden/Thomas Frandsen
16 JUN

DTU Nanolab researcher gets career boost

Ada-Ioana Bunea—a postdoc at DTU Nanolab—is among the eight female researchers second from the right whom Villum Fonden has chosen to give a career boost with...

Ada Plan B
16 JUN

Three questions to Ada about her plan B

Due to the corona close down the previous three month, the Government has advised against all departure and closed the borders. This put postdoc Ada-Ioana Bunea in a difficult...

orientation map Au film composing
06 MAY

DTU Nanolab brings innovation into scanning electron microscopy

Researchers from DTU Nanolab have developed a detector prototype for scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) that broadens their capabilities for materials' analysis. &ldquo...

A biosensor equipped with a nanochip can detect diarrhoea bacteria in piglets
20 FEB

Biosensor to reduce antimicrobial consumption for piglets

A biosensor equipped with a nanochip can detect diarrhoea bacteria in piglets and reduce agricultural consumption of antimicrobial agents.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Enzymes and proteins Food production Innovation and product development
Foto: Shutterstock
09 JAN

New device detects diseases in poultry

With a new portable device, it is possible to detect salmonella, campylobacter, and avian influenza in poultry and food production in less than one hour.

Bacteria and microorganisms Viruses Food production Food safety Livestock diseases
Solceller sommer 700x350
20 DEC

DTU researchers develop sustainable tandem solar cell

Researchers at DTU have succeeded in developing a tandem solar cell based on sustainable materials, which even beats the energy-efficiency world record for this type of...

Solar energy
04 DEC

The virtuel clean room

DTU Nanolab now has a virtual 3D version of the cleanroom. Here you can take a virtual tour on your own in the 1.500 m2 particle-free laboratories.

Winnie E. Svendsen, professor DTU Bioengineering har stor erfaring med at udvikle nanostrukturer i renrummet på DTU Nanolab. Foto: Peter Aagaard Brixen.
03 DEC

Fine nanowires with disease-detecting potential

A new startup with DTU involvment will use nanowires to capture particles that can reveal diseases such as leukaemia.

Nanoparticles Materials Nanomedicine Innovation and product development
Foto Vibeke Hempler
23 OCT

148 mio. DKK for two new Centers of Excellence

The Danish National Research Foundation has invited applicants to enter contract negotiations to establish two new Centers of Excellence at DTU.

Optics Semiconductors Catalysis Micro and nanotechnology
Foto: Schlosser
20 SEP

Tech conference on digitization and green solutions

DTU is hosting the DTU High Tech Summit – the largest university-driven tech conference in the Nordic region, focusing this year on digitization and sustainable...

Photo: DTU
11 SEP

DKK 40 million for bold research ideas

21 of 52 projects which receive grants from VILLUM FONDEN under the Villum Experiment programme are from DTU.

24 MAY

Nanotechnologies are best developed in collaboration

It is in the meeting between people that new realizations arise, new networks are established and failed projects can be avoided. Really that is the essence. 

Photo: Mikal Schlosser
02 JAN

Portrait: “I’m really fond of puzzles—both scientific ones and those made of cardboard...

Henri Jansen is known as the magician of the clean room, because he is great at removing machine limitations that may arise at DTU Danchip—and dares to use unconventional...

Micro and nanotechnology Materials Semiconductors
Photo: DTU
11 SEP

EUR 4.7 million to radical research ideas

Villum Fonden supports 53 new research ideas in their Villum Experiment programme. 18 grants were awarded to DTU researchers.

05 JUL

Strong support for DTU Health Technology

DTU receives strong support for establishing a new department with focus on health technology. Both from within the University and from existing and potential partners...

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