First FFU put in place

DTU Nanolab changes 291 fan filter units

Tuesday 28 Sep 21
In order to save energy, renew and optimize, DTU Nanolab now changes the 291 fan filter units (FFU) in the cleanroom

A team of skilled technicians is changing the FFUs in the cleanroom over the next half year. This means that parts of the cleanrooms will be closed in periods.
The FFU project is a large project with great benefits for the users of the cleanroom at DTU Nanolab. 

“We began with one test room, to be able to get an idea of how everything works. This evaluation helped estimate the rest of the job,” Leif Steen Johansen says and continues: “All the FFUs in the ceiling of the cleanroom need to be changed in order to maintain and optimize our facility. This is a long and difficult process that requires time and skills. The project is now halfway, and we are on schedule.”

DTU Nanolab was very focused on selecting FFUs that are both quiet and energy efficient. The manufacturer actually had to develop a completely new FFU type, as they had never been met with both of these requirements at once.

The new FFUs are quieter than the existing FFUs and will approximately save 122.000 kWh, corresponding to approx.268.000 kr. per year. In this sense the FFU project is also a contribution to the overall aim to reduce carbon. 
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