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Pyrolithic Graphite

In the Molecular Windows group we try not to keep the fun with science for ourselves and take it out of the university to schools and events. We started DTU nanoshow where we develop new teaching materials for schools and also make new material for DTU Science Show that go out to schools to raise awareness and curiosity about science.

Have you wondered why sometimes there comes a rainbow of beautiful colors in a drop of oil spreading on water? Or why clouds are white while the sky is blue and sunsets are red? Or why the petals of flowers stay nicely clean without gathering dust?

In this webpage, we will examine a variety of things that you can experience in everyday life around you or in new products that have come onto the market, all of which contain an aspect of nanotechnology. They show how some things behave very differently when they involve structures at the micro and nano-scale rather than larger 'macro' things as we can see directly. This wiki contains a series of experiments that you can do in school and some also at home, showing a wide range of nanoscale phenomena from nature and the world of nanotechnology.

For more information, please kontakte Kristian Mølhave, kristian.molhave@nanotech.dtu.dk, mobile 0045 2512 6672


Nano Show

Check out the Nanoshow website.