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Polymer Micro & Nano Engineering

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Polymer Micro & Nano Engineering - POLYMIC

Group leader Associate Professor Rafael Taboryski

The POLYMIC group focuses on micro and nano engineering methods based on a polymer materials platform. The group has strong competences in advanced clean room based polymer micro- and nanofabrication techniques. The technology platform includes lithographic techniques for fabrication of masters for injection molding and roll-to-roll foil extrusion, techniques for bonding of polymer parts, and patterning of conducting polymer films. Polymer nanofabrication competences are complemented by physical and optical and surface analysis techniques, such as AFM, SEM, FIB-SEM, optical profilometry, and UV-VIS spectroscopy.

Current projects range from engineering of biomimetic lotus effect surfaces, antifogging surfaces, and color metasurfaces to antireflective surfaces imprinted on end-facets of chalcogenide fibers for MIR Optical Coherence Tomography.

The group continuously strives to identify new application fields for its core technological competences in order to enlarge its portfolio of application driven research projects


Drop: Nanostructured superhydrophobic polymer surface (Emil Søgaard PhD project)


Moth eye: SEM image of a hexagonal array of moth-eye nanostructures etched into silicon (Mikkel Rønne Lotz PhD project)