POLYMIC Research

POLYMIC project participation

 SHAPEOCT  2015-2019   The project is funded by Innovation Fund Denmark and has 5 partners (DTU Nanotech, DTU Fotonik, Bispebjerg Hospital, NKT Photonics A/S and University of Kent) 
XNano  2015-2018  Industrial PhD project funded by Innovation Fund Denmark (by Nastasia Okulova). 
Advanced surface characterization of nanostructures on curved polymer surfaces  2013-2016  The project is funded by the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation (RTI) 


EU FP7 grant no: 314345

2012- 2015 FP7-2012-NMP-ICT-FoF, Injection Moulding Production Technology for Multi-functional Nano-structured Plastic Components enabled by NanoImprint Lithography, with participation of 14 industrial and academic partners.

Project Coordinator: Anders Kristensen, DTU Nanotech


DSF grant no. 10-092322

2011- 2016

Danish Council for Strategic Research, POLYNANO, Strategic Research Center in Precision and Nano-scale Mass Fabrication,  with participation of more than 20 industrial and academic partners.  

Project Coordinator: Anders Kristensen, DTU Nanotech

Deputy Project Coordinator: Rafael Taboryski, DTU Nanotech