Carbon nanotubes structure vs. growth conditions

Jakob Birkedal Wagner

Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) hold the potential of replacing metals such as indium, and gallium in electronic components, e.g. transparent conducting films (TCF) and thin film field effect transistors (TFT)The electrical properties of the CNTs are related to the actual structure of the tubes. Hence, in order to fulfill this potential, a high degree of control of the chirality of the individual SWCNTs is necessary.

This projects aims at studying how the structure of the CNTs depends on growth conditions by means of (environmental) transmission electron microscopy (E)TEM.

Learning objectives

  • Learn to use transmission electron microscopy
  • Understand growth parameters influence on carbon nanotube structure and properties
  • Relate small-scale fundamental studies to large-scale production

Open to: Bachelor and Master students



Jakob Birkedal Wagner
DTU Nanolab
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26 FEBRUARY 2020