Name: Chantal M. Silvestre
Project Title: Microfabrication Technology for X-ray Optical Elements
Group: Silicon Microtechnology
Supervisor: Ole Hansen

Project Description: 
The main objective of this project is to develop a set of optical element used for Phase-contrast X-ray imaging (PCI). In our research, we focused on the fabrication methods of these optical elements. Conventionally, X-ray optical element are gratings made of gold, a well-known material in microfabrication processes, yet expensive for large-scale fabrication. By studying the possibilities to use alternative manufacturing methods and cheaper material, we aim to reduce the overall cost of these optical elements. This project is performed in collaboration with the Teknologisk Institut where the gratings are tested in an under development Phase-contrast setup.

Phase-contrast X-ray imaging is expected to improved medical science as well as food production. This technology has gathered a lot of attention in the last decade for its ability to create X-ray images with a higher degree of detail and contrast than conventional X-ray absorption images. Thus, PCI allows distinguishing between different media, which do not have a large absorption contrast, such as cancerous cells and healthy tissue or small part of cartilage and worthy meat.