Ph.D. Thesis, Master Projects, and Bachelor Reports

Ph.D. Thesis

Kristian Pontoppidan Larsen, Ph.D.
Micro Electro Mechanical Devices for Controlling Light (2005)

Søren Jensen, Ph.D.
Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching for Microsystems (2004) PDF

Arda Deniz Yalcinkaya, Ph.D.
Integrated Frequency Selective Micro-Electro-Mechanical Devices (2003)

Jörg Rehder, Ph.D.
Micromachined loudspeaker for hearing instrument application (2002)

Jan Tue Ravnkilde, Ph.D.
CMOS kompatible multilag metalliske mikrostrukturer for intelligente transducere (2001)

Leif Steen Johansen, Ph.D.
Mikroelektronik til mikrosystemer (2000)

Erik V. Thomsen, Ph.D.
Si 1-x Ge x epitaxielle film på silicium til heterojunction bipolære transistorer (1998)


Master Projects

Pernille Voss Larsen, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
Nano and Microreactors (2008)   Mads Havshøj Kristensen, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
Modularization of an Embedded System (2008)   Lars Gjødvad, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
Hot-Electron Emitters for Use in Catalysis (2007)   Sarah Pedersen, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
SERS active structures for gasphase detection (2007)   Muhammad Asif Malik, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
Microcontroller Based Datalogger for Front End Electronics of MEMS Sensors (2007)   Toke Riishøj Henriksen, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
Microreactors and catalytic reactions in forced thermal conditions (2006)   Christian Carstensen Hindrichsen, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
Integration of screen printed PZT in MEMS (2006)   Ying Cui, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
Antenna Design for on the body sensors (2006)   Sune Duun, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
MEMS indoor climate sensor (2006)   Sune Thorsteinsson, Civil Ing., Cand. Polyt.
High Temperature Compatible Thermometers and Microreactors (2006)
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