Other Nanolab facilities

Access to these facilities are only granted after agreement with a Nanolab responsible.

Building 346: Room no.

157 Dicer room
155 3D printer (Nanolab personnel only after agreement with Stephan Keller) and polisher
151 Phoeneex  (Nanolab personnel only after agreement with Stephan Keller)
147 Wetchemistry-lab (Nanolab personnel only after agreement with Stephan Keller and Majken Becker)

Basement building 346:

901 Injection molding,
3DMM Laser Micro Machining
Hot embosser,  

904 AFM Icon-PT 2
XRD Powder
XPS Nexsa
XPS K-Alpha
SEM Supra 1
Optical Profiler (Filmetrics)
Dektak 3ST stylus profiler,  

907 Sputter coater 

Building 347 

177-181 Packlab

We take safety education very serious - there are many possible risks associated with the work at Nanolab. Only by addressing all risks, can we maintain an environment where the number of incidents is low and where the consequences of a particular incident is small because training has provided people with competencies for working clean and safe.

Furthermore be aware that it could take a few days before you can access the course material in Learn.

Please start with filling out the access request.

If you are unsure what tool you need to use please contact Fabrication Support


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