The Lithography Tool Package Training (TPT)

The lithography tool package training (TPT) at DTU Nanolab consists of online lecture videos, online reading material, and online quizzes.

The lithography TPT covers:

  • UV lithography theory
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Hardware
  • Process steps
  • Process parameters

You are required to pass this course, in order to get access to the lithography equipment inside the DTU Nanolab fabrication facility (the cleanroom).

To sign up for the Lithography TPT please go to DTU Learn:


You need to have a user account at DTU, to be able to sign up for the Lithography TPT course.

You must be a user of the DTU Nanolab fabrication facility before you can get access to the cleanroom. Please look here for information about becoming a user of the cleanroom.

Course evaluation

The course evaluation will be an evaluation of the quiz result. Each individual quiz has to be answered ≥90% correct, in order to pass the course.


The price for the course is 2 x Nanolab support hours.

See the price per hour in the pricebook. An invoice will automatically be sent to your department / company.

How to get full authorization on the lithography equipment

When all TPT quizzes have been completed successfully, you have finished the TPT, and can begin the online training on lithography equipment.

After completing the online equipment training, you become eligible for the hands-on authorization training, which will take place inside the cleanroom.

To get full authorization on any lithography equipment, you must:

1.    Complete the lithography TPT

2.    Complete the online equipment training for the specific tool(s) you need

3.    Complete the hands-on authorization training in the cleanroom

To sign up for the Lithography TPT please go to DTU Learn:






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