The SEM Tool Package Training (TPT) course

DTU Nanolab has a number of SEMs (Scanning Electron Microscopes) for different applications. These SEMs are located in building 314, 346 and 375.

For all new SEM users at DTU Nanolab, it is mandatory to attend a SEM Tool Package Training (TPT) course.

The SEM TPT course consists of a lecture and one or more practical hands-on trainings as described here.

  1. The lecture takes approximately 3 hours and is held once a month. The dates for the next lectures can be seen in this Doodle

The first part of the lecture provides an introduction to SEM theory including electron optics and image formation. In the second part of the lecture some more practical details about the SEMs at DTU Nanolab are presented, including a description of different detectors and some sample preparation and mounting methods.

After the lecture, practical SEM trainings will be arranged. How these are conducted, differs from the three buildings and in some case also for the different SEMs. In building 314 and 375 users will get one or more individual trainings to the SEM(s) that they are going to use. In building 346 the practical trainings are divided into two parts: First a group training and then one or more individual trainings to the SEM Supra 1 which is located in basement of building 346 (outside the cleanroom).

According to the learning objectives, after attending the full SEM TPT course the participant should be able to:

  • Explain SEM electron optics and detectors
  • Understand possibilities and limitations
  • Optimize SEM images
  • Know where to go after the lecture – which tool and where

Before the lecture, all participants should know, in in which building(s) they are going to use SEM.

Please be aware of, that only users who are going to work in building 346 (the cleanroom building) can get a training to the SEMs there. Using the SEMs in the cleanroom means that you are doing processes in the cleanroom and that your samples are not leaving it before characterization. If you have any question to this, please send an email to

How to sign up for the SEM TPT:

SEM users in building 314 and 375:

Fill out a SEM access request form:

In the access request form you can e.g. describe what kinds of samples you have and what SEM techniques and detectors you expect to use. 

The SEM responsible persons from building 314 will then contact you within 7 days to arrange a meeting and discuss your needs. At the meeting you will be signed up for the SEM TPT course.

SEM users in building 346:

Add you name and e-mail address to this Doodle

Questions can be send to




Before the lecture, all participants must read a scanning electron microscopy primer and some notes related to this (in the notes the differences between the SEMs described in the primer and the SEMs at DTU Nanolab are listed).

SEM users in building 314 and 375:

No other preparations.

SEM users in building 346:

Before the practical training sessions, participants should read the user manual for the SEM Supra 1 (this can be found in LabManager) and watch these training videos (Youtube Playlist)


The price for the course is 2 x Nanolab support hours.

See the price per hour in the pricebook

An invoice will automatically be sent to your department / company.

How to get full authorization to the SEM

SEM users in building 314 and 375:

Depending on what samples you have and how these should be characterized, i.e. what SEM techniques and detectors you have to use, you will get one or more individual trainings to each SEM that you are going to use, before your will be authorized to use the SEM(s) yourself.

SEM users in building 346:

Users will first have to attend a two hour SEM training session in groups of 2-3 persons. For this training the SEM Supra 1 will be used, and some different training samples will be analyzed.

After the group training session, users should have one or more individual training to the SEM Supra 1, before they will be authorized to use the SEM alone. Users should bring their own sample for the training(s).

After at least four hours of independent SEM Supra 1 usage, users can request additional trainings for the SEMs in the cleanroom.

More information:

Full information about the SEM TPT is available in LabAdviser. Here you can also find the preparation material and the lecture slides.

To get access to LabManager and LabAdviser, you will have to send an email to the administration at DTU Nanolab ( Please write your company or supervisor name and project number in the email.


Dates & registration


Clik on the link in order to register and get an overview of the coming courses:




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