Use of our facilities

Use of our facilities – building 314/307

This part of DTU Nanolab focusses on advanced characterization by electron microscopy. We provide access to several Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs), Dual-beam microscopes and Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEMs). If you want to learn more about our capabilities, have a look here on our website.

Application process

Process for access 

Access to our facilities

Access to DTU Nanolab facilities and competences can be obtained by both academic and industrial personnel. Please contact us following the directions below.

In the application form, we ask for contact and invoicing information (to create a user account in our management system LabManager), and some further details about the equipment/technique to use. If there are questions about pricing, projects and similar, have a look on our FAQ page

For access and training on the equipment, or for academic collaborations and commercial work,
fill out


the following form

In case of problems with the online form, write to the Microscopy Support Team.

What to expect?

After submitting your application form, our Microscopy Support Team will evaluate your application and the responsible coordinator will get in contact with you. Our goal is to find the best suited solution for you regarding the equipment and technique to use. For this, we typically invite for a short meeting to discuss the submitted application. Here we also decide if training on the equipment is appropriate or if the problem can be resolved differently.

How does training work?

During the meeting, you will get further details about the training process.

All users at DTU Nanolab need to go through an online Lab-introduction course (via DTU Learn). It consists of a general, mandatory part for all work areas and a work area specific part, in our case for Access to buildings B314/B307. You need to pass this course successfully before entering our labs!

Most equipment trainings consist of an introduction lecture (theoretical part) and hands-on session on the equipment. The number of hands-on sessions depends on the equipment and previous experience.

After successfully finishing the hands-on part, you will be allowed to book and use the equipment independently by yourself.

The actual length of the training process depends on several factors like availability for the meeting, schedule for the lectures, availability of trainers and equipment and booking of the equipment.

Keep that in mind! Details can be discussed during the meeting.

What happens after the training?

We will grant you access to our facilities (depending on your needs) for 6 month. If you want to continue using our facilities, the access can easily be renewed. You can always check the status of your access on your DTU card via If you are an external user, you will receive a guest card.

If there are still open questions?

Write to the Microscopy Support Team or directly to Jakob Wagner


Jakob Birkedal Wagner
DTU Nanolab
+45 45 25 64 71

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