Micro Sheet Resistance Probing

The team is dedicated to research and development of silicon based micro- and nanofabrication technology, and applications of the technology in various areas such as surface science, chemistry, metrology, and sound and vibration.     

The Microreactor activity, within the Danish National Research Foundation centre CINF - Centre for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality (PI Professor Ib Chorkendorff), has a fundamental scope; here micro- and nanofabrication technology is applied in two lines of research, which are coordinated with activities within CASE – Catalysis for Sustainable Energy:  

  1. Correlation between structure and reactivity of nanoparticles, where highly sensitive reactivity studies in micro- or nano-reactors are combined with atomically resolved STM studies in an attempt to experimentally determine the details of the structure-reactivity relation, and
  2. Photo-electro-catalysis with emphasis on applications within renewable energy.


Micro and Nanotribology 


Silicon MEMS Technology

Other activities have an applied scope, the most important of these are:

  1. MEMS Optical Sensor Systems supported by “Højteknologifonden” and in cooperation with Ibsen Photonics A/S, Brüel & Kjær A/S, and DTU Photonics.
  2. Vibrational energy harvesting using MEMS and polymer electrets, supported by FTP, and in cooperation with MEMS Applied Sensors.
  3. Vibrational energy harvesting using MEMS and piezoelectrics, in cooperation with MEMS Applied Sensors.
  4. Advanced ion etching of metals and polymers.
  5. Nanomachines, with Martin Dufva Fluidic Array Systems and Technology.
  6. The Micro and Nanotribology activity addresses stiction control of MEMS materials and devices, where the deposition and properties of fluorinated self-assembled mono-layers are studied with emphasis on their applicability to solve in-use stiction problems in MEMS systems. The activity is supported by The Danish Council for Technology and Innovation (FTP), 
  7. Silicon MEMS Technology, supported by “Højteknologifonden” and in cooperation with Sonion MEMS A/S and Danchip, where more efficient microfabrication technology for silicon based microphones is developed. 
  8. Nanoscopic measurements for the semiconductor industry, supported by “Højteknologifonden” and in cooperation with Capres A/S and Danchip, where probe measurement technology for ultra-shallow junction metrology in future nanometre-scale CMOS fabrication lines is developed. See Micro Sheet Resistance Probing for details.
  9. Photovoltaics: plasmon enhanced thin film photovoltaics and HEISEC.

Members of the Silicon Microtechnology group spring 2013 (Daniel Kjær and Kasper Reck are missing)


Members of the Silicon Microtechnology group 2011

Members of the Silicon Microtechnology group, February 2008.