Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

DTU Cen has comprehensive specimen preparation facilities located in Buildings 307 and 314 which includes the following pieces of equipment:

Diamond wheel saw (Struers, Minitom)
Diamond wire saw (Well, model 3242)
Ultrasonic disk cutter (Fischione, model 170)
Disk punch (Fischione, model 130)
Vacuum impregnation unit (Struers, CitoVac)
Digital indicator for thickness measurements (Mitutoyo)
Hot plate (Barnstead Thermolyne, Nuova)
Ultrasonic bath (Branson, model B2510)

Grinding & polishing machines (Struers, LaboPol-4, LaboPol-5 and LaboPol-25)
MultiPrep polishing system (Allied)
Polishing machine (Buehler, Minimet 1000)
Dimple grinder (Fischione, model 200)
Tripod polisher (South Bay Technology, model 590TS)
Specimen grinder (Fischione, model 160)

Dual Ar ion milling machine (Fischione, model 1010 Ion Mill)
Gentle Ar ion milling machine (Fischione, model 1040 Nanomill)
Plasma cleaner (Fischione, model 1020)
Sputter coater (Cressington, model 208HR, targets: Au, Cr, Pt)
Carbon coater (Cressington, model 208)
Plunge-freezing unit (FEI, Vitrobot)

Polarized light microscope with a CCD camera (Olympus, BX51)
Stereo microscope with a CCD camera (Olympus, SZ61)
Stereo microscope (Leica, MZ75)