FEI Titan Analytical 80-300ST TEM

The Titan Analytical is a 300kV transmission electron microscope fitted with a field emission gun, a monochromator and a pre objective lens spherical aberration corrector (CESCOR unit from the CEOS Company), i.e. the microscope is probe corrected. The instrument is therefore capable of forming very fine electron probes and is used primarily for high spatial resolution chemical analysis. It is an excellent tool for applications requiring a small probe size, such as high resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (HR-STEM) and chemical mapping at the atomic level.

Electron source Field emission gun

Accelerating voltage 120 and 300 kV alignments

Resolution TEM information limit <0.1 nm and STEM resolution ~ 0.08 nm

Imaging detectors Gatan CCD camera, Fischione annular dark field detector

Imaging modes TEM, STEM, DF, HRTEM, HAADF, Energy filtered TEM, electron diffraction

Analytical Capabilities Gatan energy filter for electron energy-loss spectroscopy and energy filtered imaging, EDS (Oxford Instruments INCAx-sight) for elemental analysis

Attachments Biprism wire for electron holography and Lorentz lens for magnetic imaging