FEI Titan E-Cell 80-300 ST TEM

The Titan E-Cell is a monochromated 300kV transmission electron microscope with a post objective lens spherical aberration corrector (CETCOR unit from the CEOS Company), i.e. the Titan E-Cell is image corrected. The microscope can therefore be used for high resolution TEM imaging of nanostructures and interfaces. Where this microscope stands out though is in the area of in-situ studies. By virtue of the presence of a differential pumping system, imaging of samples in gaseous environments up to pressures of 1000 Pa and temperatures of 1000oC are possible (depending on gas composition). Dynamic events at the atomic level can thus be recorded in real time.

Electron source Field emission gun

Accelerating voltage 80, 200 and 300 kV

Resolution TEM information limit <0.08 nm, STEM resolution <0.14nm

Imaging detectors Gatan 894 2K UltraScan 1000 camera, 2K UltraScan 1000 FT camera, Fischione 3000 annular dark field detector

Imaging modes TEM, DF, HRTEM and STEM Energy filtered TEM, electron diffraction

Analytical capabilities Gatan 865 GIF Tridiem energy filter, EDS (Oxford Instruments INCAx-sight, resolution 136 eV)

Attachments Lorentz lens