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Researchers at DTU manipulate gold nanoparticles

tirsdag 02 feb 21


Thomas Willum Hansen
DTU Nanolab
45 25 64 76


Jakob Birkedal Wagner
DTU Nanolab
45 25 64 71
An ongoing project shows the vast potential and impact on the understanding of nanoscale dynamics in catalysis and related research fields under real life conditions when combining in situ electron microscopy and first principles calculations.

In collaboration with partners at the Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China, researchers at DTU Nanolab have investigated the epitaxial relationship interplay between nanoparticles and support using aberration corrected environmental transmission electron microscopy (ETEM). 
The experiments show that the orientation of the gold particles with respect to a titanium dioxide substrate can be manipulated by changing temperature and atmosphere. 

The results are published in Science Vol. 371, Issue 6528, January 29 2021.
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