DTU Danchip


DTU Nanolab is a nanofabrication and characterization research infrastructure fully owned and financed by DTU and situated on DTU’s campus in Lyngby. We provide access to state of the art tools, instrumentation and expertise to more than 500 users from academia and industry in Denmark as well as abroad. Our expertise is research based. Around half of our staff of more than 100 employees is actively conducting research in methods of imaging and characterization down to atomic resolution and nano fabrication technologies that are scalable to mass production.

DTU Nanolab is running a specially constructed facility for electron microscopy and 1500 m2 of cleanroom allowing state of the art processing to fabricate chips and devices for a large variety of applications, reaching from new, efficient solar cells to microcontainers for drug delivery. Advanced electron microscopes allow in situ study of chemical reactions with atomic resolution as well as characterization of composition and nanocrystalline structure of materials.

We conduct research in a variety of technologies and methods gathering expertise and providing results in form of new fabrication possibilities and new characterization methods to other researchers at DTU, to industry and to our partners abroad.

We train users on our instruments and tools and educate students in form of regular courses and projects on all levels based on our research expertise and are responsible for DTU’s curriculum concerning micro/nanofabrication and electron beam based characterization.

More than 30 companies use our open access facilities and our expertise throughout all technology readiness levels, from devices for basic studies in quantum technology to small scale production of test and measurement devices.



Zink blende krystal med en Gausisk Beam