Polymer Microsystems Group picture 2020

Polymer Micro & Nano Engineering - Polymic

Group leader Professor Rafael Taboryski

The POLYMIC group focuses on micro and nano engineering methods based primarily on Si and polymer materials platforms, but also other materials. The group has strong competences in advanced clean room based micro- and nanofabrication techniques. The technology platform includes nanolithography, Si etching, and thin film techniques, fabrication of masters for injection molding and roll-to-roll extrusion coating, and micro 3D printing by two-photon polymerization. The fabrication competences are complemented by physical, optical and surface analysis techniques, such as SEM, XPS, FIB-SEM, optical profilometry, AFM, and contact angle goniometry. In addition, the group has a strong track record in microfluidics, in engineering of wetting properties for solid surfaces, characterization of optical metasurfaces, optical actuation methods, and chemical surface functionalization. In addition to the basic research targeting advancement of microfabrication methodologies in various materials platforms, the group continuously strives to identify new application fields for its core technological competences in order to enlarge its portfolio of application-driven and collaborative research projects within the life science and sustainable energy sectors.

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Rafael Taboryski
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