The Innovation Workshop

Get an intense experience in collaboration across borders, time zones and cultures, by working in an international group doing an in-depth study of how best to advance an emerging technology.

The Innovation Workshop is a yearly recurring international course spanning several partner universities.

For DTU students see the course base description here for Course No 33491.
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Course plan
Before the course starts at DTU, there will be some reading and questionnaires preparation online done at the home university. At the course start, all participants meet at a hosting university for two weeks to work together there to develop, present and defend their group project in peer review at a mini-conference. The course also include social activities outside the teaching hours and includes social activities at the hosting city for all students. 

The workshop is 25th June - 6th July 2018. 14 days full time and 5 ECTS -see the detailed program in the menu.


The objectives of this course are:

  • In a project group you will research how a chosen method or technology best can be developed further, based on a review explaining the fundamentals of the subject and describing state-of-art. The subject of the project is within the scope of engineering sustainable solutions to societal challenges.
  • In your report and presentation
    • Explain the fundamentals of your topic and likely include an short experimental test in the report.
    • Describe state-of-art and develop a suggestion for an innovative idea on how to advance state-of-art, based on a more detailed analysis.
  • Plan and execute your work. To the extent possible, you can perform basic experimental tests or modelling to support your idea.
  • Gain experience in
    • the challenges of international research collaboration and project planning.
    • Developing your skills in the creative application of learned knowledge, when solving a research challenge to formulate a new research project.
    • Writing a report in international collaboration.
    • Presentation, defense, and peer review evaluation of your work on an international stage within the course and at the Green Challenge Student conference.

Participants and credits

This course is mainly intended for MSc students about 1 year after obtaining their BSc degree, but others are welcome to apply for participation!

It is a 5 ECTS  2 week full time course. 

For DTU students, the workshop is in the DTU course base No 33491.

Sign up by sending an email to with your study line, where you are in your study and which of the available projects you prioritise to participate in.

DTU students may also sign up as a special course (or as a project in the course database 33471 or 33470.



The workshop uses peer review and peer feedback in addition to the supervision and ends with a presentation and defence of the report to the class and supervisors.

The pass/fail evaluation is given based on the individual performance during report writing, presentation and defence. At the defence some questions will be asked to each individual team member. 


    • Main contact about travel, airport transfer, accommodation and other practicalities
      Trent Christopher Coelli

      Direct +45 4525 1085

      Mobile +45 31 34 19 53

    • Sara Gollander will be helping Trent
      Telephone: +45 45 25 11 42