PHd Defence

PhD Defence by Mads Søndergaard Larsen

Mads Søndergaard Larsen will defend his PhD thesis. In this thesis, Mads Søndergaard Larsen explores combining liquid phase transmission electron microscopy (LPTEM) with electron holography (EH) to create LPTEH. He demonstrates LPTEH’s ability to measure the mean inner potential (MIP) of the liquid itself and how it reflects a high energy electron refractometer, and how this property can be used further to analyze on single particles and their coating in liquids. Additionally, LPTEH is integrated with electrochemistry techniques to study complex electrochemical processes. The study also investigates the impact of the electron beam on membrane properties in LPTEM experiments. Overall, the research aims to push the boundaries of electrochemistry with LPTEH while emphasizing the importance of understanding LPTEM fundamentals.

Illustration for PhD defence


Jette Rasmussen

Jette Rasmussen PhD- and project coordinator