DTU Nanolab is the National Centre for Nanofabrication and Characterization in Denmark. The center is an open access research infrastructure facility owned by and located at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

dtu nanolab cleanroom ebeam

DTU Nanolab

Our mission is threefold and is to:

  • push the boundaries of micro/nano fabrication and electron beam based characterization.
  • provide Denmark with state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology and education within micro- and nanofabrication and nanocharacterization. 
  • enable Danish industry to exploit the existing and future benefits of nanotechnology.

Open Access

Pending proper training and instructions DTU Nanolab is open to all academic and commercial entities either through partnership or on a pay per use basis. We oper-ate and maintain advanced processing equipment within 1350 m2 cleanroom facilities. Our suite of 9 advanced electron microscopes allows in-situ study of chemical reactions with atomic resolution as well as characterization of composition and nanocrystalline structure of materials. Link to Access and Training

Our expertise is research based

We conduct research in a variety of technologies and methods gathering expertise and providing results in form of new fabrication processes as well new characterization methods to other researchers in academia and industry. Link to Publications

The 100 staff members include engineers, technicians as well as professors and Ph.D. students. Link to Staff

We educate state of the art processing engineers

We educate students, hands-on, at state of the art semiconductor manufacturing equipment in the cleanroom in form of regular courses and projects on all levels. We are responsible for DTU’s curriculum concerning micro/nanofabrication and electron beam based characterization. Our user base extends over more than 450 users that have been trained and are certified to use our instruments and tools. Link to Research

Academia and Industry – side by side

More than 30 companies use our open access facilities and our expertise through-out all technology readiness levels, from devices for basic studies in quantum technology to small-scale production of test and measurement devices.

Accumulated expertise

DTU Nanolab at the core has more than 25 years of experience in selecting and integrating new fabrication and characterization technologies, maintaining them and making them available to a broad range of users. Since 2012 the center has acquired tools for more than 150 Mio.Kr. (21 Mio. Euro) and made these available to our broad user base. Funding has come from EU programs, Danish Government programs, DTU, multiple private foundations and investment of commercial revenue.

Broad Network

Our customer base reaches from small start-up to multinational companies. We host users and collaborate with most of the Danish and a number of foreign universities. Concerning operation of the facility, user safety, tool access and booking systems as well as user training we have close exchange of best practice with our colleagues in the Nordic Countries (NTNU, Chalmers, ALTO,KTH) as well as other universities  facilities such as MIT, Stanford, Tyndall Labs, University of Twente and the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF).