Research at DTU Nanolab


DTU Nanolab is the National Centre for Nanofabrication and Characterization.
As a research infrastructure, we support research and development within state of the art characterization and fabrication technologies. 

To ensure world class expertise we conduct research in fabrication and characterization technologies at DTU Nanolab. Our faculty of around 15 professors and researchers covers a wide range of technologies and methods. 

The primary goal of our research is to push the state of the art within selected technologies in order to enable novel applications and devices. 

To validate new technologies we work in most cases application oriented. This implies that we or our partners work towards a selected application that is enabled by the new insights and methods of a technology and thereby we demonstrate the applicability of the technology. We aim to mature these technologies and methods so they can be utilized through an innovation process and ultimately lead to value creation. 

In many cases, this approach has led to spin out companies with a competitive advantage through novel process, materials or characterization technologies.