Commercial collaboration

DTU Nanolab can deliver facilities and personnel to develop and fabricate micro- and nanosystems at prototype and small scale production level.

We take pride in fostering collaborations with commercial partners, creating a mutually beneficial environment where innovative research meets practical applications. Our facility offers a unique opportunity for commercial collaborators to leverage our cutting-edge infrastructure, expertise, and resources.

Through collaborative partnerships, DTU Nanolab works closely with commercial entities to address specific research and development challenges, co-create new technologies, and translate scientific advancements into tangible products and solutions. Our team of skilled researchers and engineers collaborates closely with commercial collaborators, providing technical expertise and guidance throughout the collaborative projects.

By combining industry insights with DTU Nanolab's deep knowledge in nanofabrication, characterization, and scalable technologies, we facilitate the development of novel materials, processes, and devices that have real-world applications. These collaborations often lead to the commercialization of innovative products and technologies, enabling our partners to stay at the forefront of their respective industries.

Our flexible collaboration models allow for tailored partnerships that cater to the unique needs and goals of our commercial collaborators. Whether it's joint research projects, technology licensing, or access to our specialized facilities and expertise, we are committed to finding the right approach to drive successful outcomes.

Collaborating with DTU Nanolab opens doors to state-of-the-art equipment, specialized knowledge, and a vibrant research community. By joining forces, we bridge the gap between academia and industry, fostering innovation, accelerating technology development, and creating opportunities for growth and market success.

We invite commercial collaborators from diverse industries to explore the possibilities offered by partnering with DTU Nanolab. Together, we can push the boundaries of technology, drive economic impact, and shape the future through cutting-edge nanofabrication research and development.

Feel free to contact us to request a quote. We will then develop the project together with you. Beyond fabrication and characterization services we also offer project management and consultancy services.