DTU Nanolab PhD School

The purpose of DTU Nanolab’s PhD school is to educate scientists in the field of micro/nano fabrication and characterization. Being awarded a PhD degree from DTU Nanolab’s PhD school requires the completion of an approved program of advanced studies and the proven ability to communicate scientifically and conduct original research of high quality.

DTU Nanolab’s PhD school graduates have an overview over a broad variety of state-of-the-art nanoscale characterization and top-down nano fabrication technologies. The graduates possess hands-on experience as well as theoretical understanding within cleanroom processing and characterization methods with special emphasis on electron microscopy.

DTU Nanolab’s PhD graduates are self-driven and are involved in formulation of hypotheses underpinning their research project as well as identifying and developing the appropriate methods that can be tested and lead to verification or falsification of their hypothesis. The candidates are required to establish a project plan including, a research plan, a specific study program, their teaching and communication responsibilities and a data management plan. In addition the study plan should contain plans for a stay abroad where the PhD student collaborates with another research organization to advance the project.

All these aspects are planned and conducted with help and supervision but driven by the PhD student.

All research at DTU Nanolab is carried out in full compliance with the principles for good scientific practice. Graduates from DTU Nanolab’s PhD school have shown that they carry out research according to the Danish Code of Conduct for research integrity, which overreaching principles are honesty, transparency and accountability.

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Jette Rasmussen PhD- and project coordinator