DTU Nanolab

Micro- and Nanofabrication

DTU Danchip is the national center for micro- and nanofabrication. We operate and maintain state-of-the-art processing equipment within our 1350 m2 cleanroom facilities.
DTU Danchip

State-of-the-art Equipment

Envision MEMS development by directly access our portfolio of equipment for your applications and tap into the talent of DTU Nanotech and DTU Photonics.
DTU Danchip

Customer Benefits

With a portfolio of over 25 active companies, find out how to take advantage of the low financial entry barrier that allows you to fast tract your ideas to prototype or end product.
DTU Danchip


DTU Nanolab has built a platform which is able to shape a wide range of materials with structures down below 20 nanometers to help you attain a technological head-start.
DTU Danchip
  • Introduction course
  • Tool Package Training (TPT)
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Online tool package training TPT Courses

Due to COVID 19 restrictions from 5/01/21 you can only sign up for theoretical part of the E-beam TPT (contact Thomas Pedersen). All other TPTs are postponed until the possibility of training inside the cleanroom is on the horizon again.

We will have 4 theoretical online cleanroom courses in the coming time

Litho Q&A: See what it takes to prepare and sign up here
Practical part is held when the clean room is open to students again

Dry etch Q&A: See what it takes to prepare and sign up here

SEM TPT: See what it takes to prepare and sign up here

DTU Nanolab


DTU Nanolab


DTU Nanolab


DTU Nanolab


DTU Nanolab


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