LabAdviser is a Wiki based knowledge retention system, where processes, process flows and guides are stored. LabAdviser is most often used when planning process flows or when there is a need to understand matters a bit deeper.

LabAdviser contains information about:

  • equipment at DTU Nanolab that covers micro and nano fabrication in the cleanroom facility in building 346 and surroundings (in building 346 and 347) and characterization equipment, primarily electron microscopy, at building 314 and 307.
  • fabrication steps in micro and nano fabrication that takes place at the cleanroom fabrication facility and surroundings and
  • electron microscopy methods that takes place at building 314/307.

An overview of the equipment in these facilities can be found and some fabrication process flows and singles fabrication steps are described. In general, LabAdviser is meant to advise you to the right equipment and to advise you to a good starting point for your micro and nano fabrication steps as for your electron microscopy work. This should not be replacing communication with the staff of the facilities but we recommend it as a good starting point before contacting the staff. To enter LabAdviser you need to log in with your DTU login. LabAdviser is only editable for the staff of the facilities.

Users are encouraged to contribute to LabAdviser by submitting data and information beneath.