Other facilities

DTU Nanolab offers a range of Open Access Laboratories dedicated to both fabrication and characterization purposes. These facilities are situated in buildings 307, 346, 347, and 451. To apply for access, kindly utilize the access link provided further down on this page.

Should you require access to additional tools in the future, you may do so by contacting the responsible individuals at Nanolab.

As DTU Nanolab functions as a research establishment, it houses various Research Laboratories associated with specific research groups. These laboratories are not open for unrestricted access but may be used during collaborative efforts and project undertakings. Access to these facilities is only granted following an agreement with the Nanolab personnel responsible for the particular laboratory in question. Prior to submitting an access request through the link below, we encourage you to reach out to the designated individuals or one of our support team for guidance.


You can request access to the following laboratories or facilities

Please note that there may be a waiting period of a few days before you can gain access to the course materials available in Learn.

Open Access Labs

- PolyFabLab (not open yet)
- SoftMatterLab
- Dicer Room
- Laser Micromachining and Hot Embosser Room

Research Labs
- Optics Lab 
(contact Rafael Taboryski or Ada-loana Bunea from 'Polymer Microsystems' before applying for access)

- Physics Lab 
(contact Rafael Taboryski from 'Polymer Microsystems' before applying for access)

- Micro3DPrintingLab 
(contact Ada-loana Bunea from 'Polymer Microsystems' before applying for access)

- PlasmaLab 
(contact Eugen Stamate from 'Plasma Aided Nanotechnology' before applying for access)

- WetChemistryLab 
(contact Ada-loana Bunea from 'Polymer Microsystems' or Babak Rezaei from 'Biomaterial Microsystems' before applying for access)

- Optical Microscopy Lab
(contact Kristian Mølhave from 'Molecular Windows' before applying for access)

- Idol Lab
(contact Andrea Crovetto from 'Plasma Aided Nanotechnology' before applying for access) (This lab is not open yet)

- Phoeenix Lab 
(contact Stephan Keller or Babak Rezaei from 'biomaterial Microsystems' before applying for access)