Planning for supervisors

We offer short three weeks courses and courses for summer schools using the DTU Nanolab Cleanroom

In order to get access to and use the cleanroom there are a number of conditions you will have to meet:

    1. You must register all 3 weeks/Summer school related cleanroom activities before we can give access
    2. We should receive the registration at least 2 months before the start of the course
    3. Registration should include information about:
      1. Expected number of course participants
      2. Desired entry time and dates
      3. Equipment and chemical processes to be used (you have to book the tools yourself)
      4. Name of teaching instructors
      5. Course responsible
      6. Course name/number
      7. Which DTU Institute to use as organization in LabManager (which will be charged for any materials used)
    4. All Teaching Instructors should be experienced cleanroom users and have all the needed equipment training authorization. We cannot offer any help from our staff.
    5. The course students should always be accompanied by the instructor
    6. The students are not allowed to work with any chemicals (but can watch the instructor doing so from a safe distance)
    7. The students may operate equipment but only under strict supervision by the instructor and after demonstration by the instructor
    8. You should make an agreement with our safety trainers to help the students through gowning at the first entry to the cleanroom
    9. All course participants should take the online intro course for 3-week courses well in advance and at least 3 working days before first access date