FAQ: DTU internal projects

Does DTU pay for usage of DTU Nanolab if I work on an internal project?

Yes, all internal projects are fully funded by DTU, and it is not possible to go over budget as long as the project manager (PI) approves the activity as academically relevant. The foundation of DTU Nanolab is the base funding given all departments at DTU and it is consequently important that DTU Nanolab is utilized as much as possible. The clear advantage is:
There is no direct money transfer between the departments (except expenses for materials). 
Use of the facility is encouraged as there is no financial risk for the project.
A more efficient usage pattern is achieved as the projects are not in constant search of the “cheapest” process flow but can apply the academically most suitable.

How does this work in practice?

Applicable for all users of DTU Nanolab is that you have to sign up with a project number and use LabManager for tool bookings etc. The usage is then registered in LabManager and every month a specification of the registered expenses is prepared and sent to the PI. The PI will in collaboration with the finance department keep track of how much DTU Nanolab has been used. 
It is important to emphasize that DTU Nanolab does not send an invoice, but it is a specification to provide an overview of time spent in the cleanroom, tool bookings and consumption of materials. If the usage is registered on an internal project number the project will not be burdened with the expenses. Only consumption of materials will burden the internal projects. More details on the difference between materials and service can be found under Prices.

How do I figure out if I am working on an internal or external project?

Project numbers, or more precisely; DTU Fusion project numbers, are used on a DTU-wide scale to keep track of expenses. Externally funded projects typically have their own project number to handle expenses for that project.
DTU Nanolab does not know how your projects are funded, but your supervisor will know on which project number you should be registering your activities. If the supervisor does not know the project number, you may consult your contact in DTU's finance department. 

If DTU pays for usage of DTU Nanolab why should I apply for external funding? 

Neither internal use or nor external use of DTU Nanolab is free as it is a high expense to operate and renew the facilities. In this context, it is important that all departments that are users of DTU Nanolab take joint responsibility and include the use of the research facility in external research applications to cover DTUs expenses and make sure that the facility is available in the future. 

What happens if the external project runs out of money?

DTU Nanolab is not aware of the individual project budgets and does not know if there is an allocated budget for cleanroom use, how much budget is allocated or if the budget is running out. It is important that the project manager, in collaboration with DTU's finance department, ensures that all expenses are allocated to the external projects and ensures that the budget is adhered to. 
Should the external project run out of funding, DTU's executive board has decided that DTU will ensure that the external projects can be completed if the project manager finds it academically relevant.
Project managers are always encouraged to apply for sufficient external funding for their projects to cover as much of the costs as possible.