Sample preparation

DTU Nanolab has comprehensive sample preparation facilities for electron microscopy. In addition to various sputter coaters and optical microscopes for pre-inspection of samples, the facility includes the following pieces of equipment specifically allowing for cryo-fixation of humid/wet samples and slicing for TEM inspection. Plunge freezing is a cryo-fixation method used to preserve samples in their most native state prior to cryo-electron microscopy. The Ultramicrotome provides easy preparation of semi- and ultrathin sections as well as perfect, smooth surfaces of biological and industrial samples for TEM, SEM, AFM and LM examination. 

  • Plunge Freezer (Leica EM GP2)
  • Cryo Ultramicrotome (Leica EM FC7)
  • Critical Point Dryer (Leica EM CPD300)
  • Freeze substitution (Leica EM ICE)