Dry etch

A total of 8 plasma based dry etch tools are available 

  • Among them cassette to cassette tools for etching of silicon (100mm and 150mm wafers respectively)
  • (a cassette to cassette tool for etching silicon based dielectrics on 150mm wafers is clustered together with the 150mm silicon tool)
  • Dedicated ICP tools for silicon based dielectrics (silicon oxide, silicon nitride, silicon oxynitrides).
  • Dedicated ICP tool for metal etch (such as Al, Cr, Ti, Mb, W, and some of their related oxides and nitrides).
  • Dedicated ICP tool for III V materials such as GaAs, InP, GaN, AlGaAs, InGaAs, InGaAsP.
  • Possibility to etch polymers such as polyimide, PDMS, PMMA, BCB and resists.

Wet etch

Our wet etch capabilities include several etch baths and the following materials are wet etched on a regular basis: Silicon Nitride, Silicon Oxide, Silicon (isotropic), Silicon (anisotropic), Aluminium Chromium, Titanium, Gold, Platinum, various III-V compounds.



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