Packaging and back End (outside main cleanroom)

Dicing saw

Wafer dicing saw
Substrate up to 150mm
Max blade size: 76,2mm diameter.
Not suited/ currently set up for: Thick metals (> 750µm), III-V samples.

Wire bond

Manual or ball wire bonding with gold and aluminium wires
Semiautomatic gold ball bonding.
25µm wires Al, Au and Au ribbon(100 x 20µm)
Min bonding areas:
   100µm x 100µm ball bonding 
   200µm x 200µm wedge bonding
Recommended temperature 120°C.

Laser micromachining 

DTU Nanolab runs an industrial grade Laser Micromachining Tool (microSTRUCT vario from 3D-Micromac AG).The tool is equipped with a 50W picosecond (355nm, 532nm, 1064nm) and a 100W nanosecond  (1064nm) laser.

Micromachining and dicing of materials such as: Si, Si +Si3N4 and /or Si O2, silicon with resist, Aluminium, Steel, Pyrex, COC polymers (Topas), Nickel, Tungsten, ….
Laser wavelengths: 355nm, 532nm,1064nm repetition rates up to 200kHz, power up to 40W
Resolution down to 10µm (355nm)
Max writing area: 165mm x 165 mm (532nm, 1064nm), 145mm x 145mm (355 nm) without stitching (moving the sample).

Injection molding

Replication (mass fabrication) of micro/nanostructures typically fabricated in silicon and transferred into a nickel shim (electroplating). 
Industrial hydraulic injection molding tool with up to 2200 bar injection pressure and mold temperature up to 140°C
Tools for: Flat disc (50mm), Disc with Luer connectors, microscope slide  
Commonly used polymers: Topas 5013L-10, Topas 8007S-04, PP, PMMA

Hot embossing

Hot embossing and chip bonding.
Temperature up to 285°C
Samples and up to 200mm wafers
Currently allowed materials: Topas 5013L-10, Topas 8007S-04, PP, PMMA, PC, PCL, SU8, Al, Ni, Graphene


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